Game Day Recycling Challenge 2013

Amy Kadrie (Recycling Coordinator), Rocky (our beloved mascot), and Jonathan Marini (Mail Services)

This past Saturday, in the spirit of Meliora (“ever better”), the University amped up its waste reduction efforts at the homecoming football game. It was part of the Game Day Challenge sponsored by the EPA, Keep America Beautiful and the College and University Recycling Coalition, all the same folks who support the RecycleMania competition. You can get all the information about the challenge, including who is competing, on their website at

This was our game plan:

We chose to track the data during our homecoming/Meliora Weekend game in effort to reach the widest audience, as it is typically the most well attended game. We made sure that the items our concession gave out were either recyclable or compostable. We set up several “zero waste” stations with recycling and compost containers, labeled with custom signage created by marketing intern Wendy Long. We manned our stations with “recycling rangers” wearing bright green t-shirts to act as guides helping people put their items in the right bin. Announcements of the challenge were made throughout the game.

Marketing Intern Wendy Long (left) and Sustainability Marketing Intern Abigail Fagan (right) acting as Recycling Rangers

After the game was over the we helped cleanup the stands and even sorted through some bags of trash to save those precious recyclables! Be sure to check out our pictures at!/media/set/?set=a.10151995398909714.1073741832.289455824713&type=1.

A very special thank you to Kris Shanley and the Athletics Department, the Grounds Department, Waste Management, and all of the volunteers for their support.

Results coming soon!


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  1. Hi,

    What material are the “recycling ranger” shirts made from? Was the material sourced locally? Is the material fair trade? Are the shirts environmentally friendly?

    We should, according to this blog, be thinking about sustainability all the time, not just when there is some point to be made or a crowd watching.

    I look forward to your response on the questions above. Thank you.

    Michael Dymond

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