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In this day and age of technology, smartphones are widespread and capable of many different uses. Along the way, many apps have been developed to help save money, save energy, and save the planet through tracking and managing systems. A few noteworthy examples are listed below.

Wiser Energy Management System: This app tracks energy use and utilizes infographics to make the information easy to understand. Through this app, families can see which areas require reduced energy app2consumption, and where they can save money. (Source)

Energy Cost Calculator: This one calculates energy costs with a simple equation based system. All you need is your estimated consumption per hour, how many hours of energy used per day, and the cost per kilowatt or watt. The answer to how much you are paying may surprise you. (Source)

Ecobee Smart Thermostat: This app helps you understand the energy demands of heating, cooling, and ventilation. It acts as a smart thermostat regardless of your location, and can provide you with information to make reports and charts. (Source)

CodeGreen Energy: This app was created by Energy Star and allows you to compare the energy efficiency of nearby buildings. All you need is an address, and the Energy Star score and details about the building’s energy use will appear. (Source)

Kill-Ur-Watts: Using an abbreviation the University of Rochester would be proud of, this app tracks energy use over time and develops custom strategies for energy reduction. In fact, this app was created for the Department of Energy’s “Apps For Energy” challenge in 2012. It also provides customizable graphs and a visualization of your carbon footprint. You can even create a competition for energy reduction among family and friends. (Source)

And luckily, all of the above apps are free. So however you want to reduce energy use, either old fashioned turning off the lights or a nifty app, we thank you for your efforts.


By Alanna Scheinerman, Class of 2013


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  1. It appears that you purchase the home energy system with the application for your smartphone and then you can view and manage the energy use. This is one example:The Wiser™ Management System, a comprehensive demand management solution for utilities and consumers, allows homeowners to reduce or shift energy use during peak times and helps electricity providers improve grid efficiency and network reliability.

    Wiser EMS empowers consumers to understand and, for the first time ever, take total control of their household energy use. By making energy use visible, consumers can now manage, control and reduce energy costs and improve their carbon footprint like never before.

    Plus, when networked Wiser devices are connected through smart meters to the grid, utilities can better stabilize and ensure a reliable network for their homeowners.

    Together through active energy management™, we can create a more efficient, sustainable future for generations to come.

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