Keep water in your refrigerator – save water AND energy!

How many of us go for sugar-loaded sodas or other bottled drinks because we want something cold and the water in our sink is too warm? Think of all the money (from bottled drinks and the gym membership you need to burn off all those calories) that could be saved if we just kept water in the fridge!

Did you know refrigerators account for almost one sixth of all the energy used in the average American home? That’s more than any other single appliance! Buying energy star is always important in trying to reduce energy use, but there are a few tricks that can help you conserve even more energy – and one of them, is storing water! Since water is very good at holding its temperature, keeping a pitcher (or more) of water in your fridge will help it to maintain an even temperature when you have less in your fridge, which means it will use less energy and cost you less.

water pitcherEven more important, having cold water ready for drinking means less water wasted waiting for the tap to get cold, and less money spent on plastic bottled drinks, bottled water included! As Brita is fond of reminding us in their ads, “One Brita pitcher can effectively replace as many as 300 standard 16.9-ounce bottles,” which take a surprising amount of energy to produce, ship, and store.  If you want to really cut down on your plastic use, you can find reusable steel water bottles at most convenience stores for a low price and take your water on the go, plastic free!

Don’t want to go for a filter? Even without one, much of the chlorine present in tap water from the filtration plants evaporates when water is left to sit uncovered. Even if you are only refrigerating tap water, the results will be purer and more refreshing even than most bottled water.

Who knew that something as easy as keeping a pitcher of water in the fridge could save energy, water, and your health! But that’s what sustainability is all about – little solutions for a big world.

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  1. Interesting article. But the information you shared and the logic you have shown are absolutely on point. I think people should be more aware of this fact that keeping water in the refrigerator will save both money and energy.

  2. Great article.
    thank for your given information or sharing your experience. go ahead man..
    there are so many useful thing to learn . thank you.
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  3. thanx for the suggestion because you are right to drink cold drinks and other drinks are harmful and if any person does gym and drink all these things than these all things not burn any calories or increase and all workout is a waste so keep water on refrigeration and save water and energy.

  4. There are new door-less type refrigerators that are much more efficient. Most energy is wasted on cooling large empty areas in the refrigerator. Door-less types only cool “pockets” or small areas for individual items.

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