Clay’s Corner

Judy ClayTGIF kind readers! Only a few more weeks then summer is unofficially over. Since we still are in summertime mode, let’s talk about vodka. Vodka? Yes, vodka!

Our ancestors had it right a lot of the time when they would manufacture/grow/develop some “thing” and have multiple uses for it. Thankfully our forefarthers and mothers invented vodka. This alcoholic beverage would be used in treating insect bites, polishing fixtures, soothing jellyfish stings and even killing mold.

The folks at The Daily Green put together the list and it’s well worth checking out their site.

So, instead of going to the supermarket and buying cleaners and repellents, and anti-itch medicines, I think I’ll just stop at the liquor store on the way home. And what’s left over from cleaning, I’ll make sure I splash some in a glass for me*. I’m really getting the hang of this sustainability lifestyle.

*moderation/responsibility and having a good time are not mutually exclusive.