How to save energy in your University of Rochester dorm

#STOTW With the academic year now in full swing, students, faculty, and staff are back on campus in dorm and office settings. As a student or employee at the University, Read More …

My top 5 picks for Eco-Fiction Books

We recently posted a list of some great non-fiction books focused on global warming. To add to your summer reading list, here are a few critically acclaimed fiction novels about Read More …

Natural ways to deal with your cold

Hot liquids can help clear mucus and make it easier for you to breathe. According to research, chicken soup might do a better job of this than other hot liquids. Hot tea, particularly ginger and lemon tea, can soothe sore, scratchy throats.

Local Summer Markets

Happy Wednesday! Don’t have time to grow your own food? That’s okay! There are plenty of farmers markets in our own city that feature all kinds of fresh, local produce. Read More …

Community Composting

The process is simple: register for the service for a monthly or annual fee, and Community Composting will drop off a bin to your door. Fill the bucket with whatever compostable waste materials you generate in your home, and once a week Community Composting will pick that bin up and leave you with an empty one.