Linking Social Justice and Environmentalism

From the Green Reps June newsletter:

The hearts of the Green Reps Working Group are with the members of our community and nation who are suffering from the effects of oppression, racism, and violence.

We’ve watched an outpouring of pain and grief across the globe over systemic racism and police brutality against people of color, as protestors organize to confront these injustices and continue the work of the Black Lives Matter movement.

We recognize and take seriously the intersection of environmental justice and social justice issues. We want our community to know that we stand in solidarity with those of you who feel especially vulnerable in the current climate. We also recognize and take seriously our role as advocates, liaisons, and teachers who champion sustainability, relay the needs of our community to University leadership, and educate and raise awareness.

In the spirit of making connections, fostering conversations, and taking collective action toward building a more equitable world, we wanted to take this opportunity to share a few resources with you:

We are looking at ways to explore themes of environmental and social justice in upcoming issues of the newsletter. If you have ideas of how we as Green Reps can engage with this work, please reach out at

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  1. Thanks, Green Reps for the post. It is high time that racism must be abolished. It’s unfortunate to hear about the brutal violence and against black people. My brother, who works for a shipping container industry told me about the racial discrimination in his workplace. Thanks for the useful resources on racial discrimination.

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