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Did you know the University offers free shuttles throughout the year? There are various stops and locations such as parking lots for staff and local shopping areas for students.

Buses are a great alternative to single-passenger vehicles because they carry more passengers on a single trip than a regular car can. Fewer cars helps reduce the level of traffic noise and the amount of tailpipe emissions associated with those vehicles. It may seem that a single public transport vehicle can use more fuel than a private vehicle does, but the average amount of energy used per passenger is far less than a single-occupancy vehicle. Overall, using public transportation can help reduce their personal carbon footprint.

Shuttle Schedule:

You can find the Shuttle Schedule online on the Department of Transportation and Management page. We also recommend saving the link as a bookmark on your computer.


The UR Mobile app is a great way to access the University’s resources such as Dining Service, Parking & Transit, and daily news.

If you click on the “Parking & Transit” section, you can access the bus/shuttle schedule directly. The steps are pictured below.

Another helpful app to have on your phone is the TransLoc Rider app. This app allows you to track the shuttles in real time which helps you know when to be at the bus stops. Once you download the app, be sure to set your prefered location to the University of Rochester so all running lines will appear on your screen. Remember to allow the app to access your location so you can have a more accurate approximation.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022.

Photo Credit: Department of Transportation and Management








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