Natural Remedies: Cold and Flu

Ever wish there was a natural way to soothe that cold? Do you wish to avoid putting unnecessary chemicals into your body? The earth has your back. Natural remedies for the common cold are time tested and still popular today. And since they’re from the earth, you know they’re good for the earth. Thrown away and discarded medicines have detrimental effects on the environment which are still being investigated. In the meantime, try these natural remedies for your ailments.

orangesPrevention is greater than alleviation: Vitamin C can prevent those nasty colds or flu until the end of flu season (March). Try an extra dose through oranges, grapefruit, peach, or red peppers. Juices of these fruits are viable as well. As many as 20% of Americans get the flu every season, and most get 2 or 3 colds.

But if you do get that cold, try tea for a sore throat, garlic for a runny nose, thyme for a cough, and celery for better sleep.

branchesThyme requires some preparation. To prepare for digestion, add three tablespoons of dried thyme to one pint of boiling water. Let cool and then add one cup of honey. Take one teaspoon every hour as needed. You can store the mix in the refrigerator for up to three months.

Garlic works to get the snot out, alleviate sinus pressure and flush germs out of your nose. Try adding garlic to your meals for short term treatment of your cold or flu virus.

Another way to treat your runny nose is to boil water with a drop or two of eucalyptus oil. Then stand with your head about 18 inches above the pot to avoid scalding. Cover your head and the pot of water with a towel, and breathe deeply. Make sure to have some tissues handy.

Tea is a more obvious natural treatment for a sore throat. Even so, all teas are not created equal: try jujube tea for a Vitamin C boost. Other natural sore throat remedies include a goldenseal gargle or a Pelargonium sidoides supplement.

teaCan’t sleep due to your cold? Try eating some celery for the sedative powers of its phthalides. You can also try Valerian root, chamomile tea, lemon balm or lavender.

Did these methods work for you? Leave feedback in the comments!


Source – The Daily Green


By Alanna Scheinerman, Class of 2013

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  2. For me ginger works best in cold and dry cough. Thanks for sharing remedies to treat cold and cough. One should visit the doctor, if the remedies do not work.

  3. Thank you for those tips! I am Rose a young mother of a 4 years old girl and when I feel a little sick, I drink ginger, lemon, and apple cider vinegar in very hot water, right away. It’s really good to boost the immune system. I also prevent a cold by also taking some homeopathic remedies too. I feel like it’s better than taking any other medicine.

  4. natural medicines are the best choice if it comes to dealing with health ailments.
    We are providing few advices on how to live a healthy life with organic remedies.

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