Results Posted for the Game Day Challenge

It’s official, the results are in, and Rochester you really do ROCK! First and foremost, we would like to give a big round of applause to the schools that came out as #1 in each of the 5 categories:

  •  Central Connecticut State University took the title of “Waste Minimization Champion” for generating the least amount of waste per attendee.
  • University of California, Davis took the title of “Diversion Rate Champion” for getting the highest combined recycling and composting rates.
  • University of Virginia took the title of “Greenhouse Gas Reduction Champion” for having the highest per capita greenhouse gas reduction.
  • University of Virginia also took the title of “Recycling Champion” for having the highest recycling rate.
  • Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York took the title of “Organics Reduction Champion” for the highest rate.


Now it’s time to toot our own horn. While we might not have come out as #1, we did rank as #2 in the category of Greenhouse Gas Reduction with a reduction of 0.001187 MTCO2E per person and a total reduction of 3.63 MTCO2E! We also came in as #3 for the Recycling competition with .58 pounds of material recycled per person! Our overall Diversion Rate of 66.41% put us in at 9th place for this portion of the competition, which is not too shabby either.

But of course, there are always areas we can improve upon for next year, like the Waste Minimization category in which we placed 59 out of 69 with .877 pounds of waste per person. This is right in line with a larger goal we have for the University to reduce the amount of waste we produce. For next year’s challenge, let’s see if we can make that number diminish!

How about the big picture? By being part of the competition, 2.7 million fans diverted more than 500,000 pounds of recyclable materials from football games, preventing nearly 893 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent to the annual emissions from 159 passenger vehicles! Now that’s what makes competitions like this really count!

A special thanks to the Men’s Baseball team for helping out with cleanup, to the Athletics Department for making announcements during the game, to our partner Waste Managment, and of course to all those who recycled!

For more on the competition, visit the EPA’s website.

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