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    Student’s Corner

    The vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more apparent in this day and age and no matter the reason for going vegan or vegetarian, there is one thing that needs to be realized: Substitutes are not… Read More

  • free range

    What exactly does free range mean?

    Free range, farm raised, natural, grass fed… learn more about what you are paying for (and not paying for) when you make your food selections.

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    An Ecofriendly End of the Year

    The holiday season is a very special time of year to engage in festivities and show others we care. However, the environment is often left in the wake of the end-of-year excitement. Christmas lights that illuminate living rooms and decorate houses demand extra electricity…. Read More

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    Student’s Corner

    In 2013, O’Brien Hall, one of the newer residence halls on campus, was awarded LEED Gold Certification. While this may seem on the surface may seem minimal, the reality is quite the opposite. LEED, a program (Leadership in… Read More

  • meat

    Guest Posting – The True Cost of Meat

    Sophie Sophie Bell-Rhone has provided The True Cost of Meat, on behalf of NeoMam Studios. Scroll through to see an analysis of the effects of meat on the environment.

University Facilities and Services Mission

To create and manage a physical environment that promotes academics, student life, healthcare, research, and public service at the University of Rochester through our core values of teamwork, trust, integrity, professionalism and quality.

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The University is a Tree Campus USA for the fourth year in a row, the Arbor Day Foundation has announced. Tree Campus USA is a national program created in 2008 to honor colleges and universities for effective campus forest… Read More

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How to Recycle – Ink Jet and Toner Cartridges You can mail ink jet and toner cartridges to University Mail Services. Please place in original or replacement packaging and mail to PO Box 270001. On River Campus, you… Read More

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2013 Milestones

Each year the University of Rochester updates its Sustainability Milestones. The modernization of the Central Utilities chillers is one of the accomplishments. 2013 includes accomplishments in the areas of Computing, Ecology, Energy, Hazardous Materials LEED, Power Plant, Purchasing, and… Read More

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