New Bike Cages at URMC – East Drive


The University of Rochester Medical Center recently installed new covered bike cages at the East Drive entrance of the parking garage. This is the second fully enclosed, weather-protected, secure bike cage in the ramp garage. This supplements the… Read More



Tourism increases pressure on local natural resources, increases air pollution, can lead to damaged ecosystems, contributes unwanted noise pollution, and can add to coastal erosion.

Alternative Energy Powered Cars


Solar-powered cars are more convenient for communities without any access to an electrical grid.

University of Rochester’s Abandoned Bike Program

Abanded Bike Program

The University of Rochester recently donated a collection of abandoned bicycles to an organization called R Community Bikes. The University has always removed extremely abandoned bikes from the premises, but started a more formal approach with R Community… Read More

GEM Car Buzz


Although this winter has been especially cold and challenging, before we know it spring will be upon us and the snow will soon be melting. Along with the change in weather more of those small electric cars, looking… Read More