GEM Car Buzz


Although this winter has been especially cold and challenging, before we know it spring will be upon us and the snow will soon be melting. Along with the change in weather more of those small electric cars, looking… Read More

University of Rochester Recognized for Sustainability Efforts


The University of Rochester has recently won two awards that recognize the school’s environmental efforts regarding transportation and grounds management. The first is the Greater Valley Forge (GVF) Sustainable Award. GVF is a non-profit organization dedicated to achieving… Read More

New Bus Route To URMC


A new bus route to Strong Memorial Hospital began running on September 2nd, creating a more sustainable commute for URMC staff members living in Southeast Rochester. The route is called Bus 52-Park Ave to URMC and is an… Read More

Easy Ways to Go Green for Busy People


In my last post, I touched on making change starting with the small things in our daily lives we can control as we turn a corner into the New Year. I am a firm believer that if each person… Read More

Electric Cars


We all have to drive and many of us must drive quite a bit. Urban sprawl and suburban development have insured miles upon miles of roads ready for commuters and miscellaneous traveling. The improvement of manufacturing and relative… Read More