RIT Student Climate Leadership Summit Update


A reminder that this event is taking place this Saturday, April 30. To register please visit www.leadonclimate.us/rochester. View the agenda below:

RIT Climate Leadership Summit April 30


Our friends at RIT are holding this event next month and are currently seeking presenters. Here is the information we received from them:   You’re invited to the RIT Climate Summit! This is a conference during which local… Read More

University Team Discovers a More Efficient Way to Convert Alternative Fuel

pumping-gas (2)

Like ethanol, butanol can be used as a fuel additive to gasoline as a way to reduce harmful vehicle emissions. In just six months, Professor William Jones’ University research team developed an efficient route to n-butanol, making it… Read More

“How Low Can We Go” Initiative

Friends, schools, businesses, and towns, globally, are taking fossil fuel use as low as we can go on November 30, 2015, to show support for the United Nations Climate Change Conference convening in Paris, France, where representatives from 195… Read More

Student’s Corner

Zipcar vehicle in Boston, MA

My friend recently got a Zipcar account, and on Wednesday night she took me and three other friends on a late night run to get wings. Needless to say, after facing the harsh reality of leaving my own… Read More