Drive electric? University adds more ways to plug in and power up

To support electric vehicle (EV) ownership and position itself to meet the growing demand for EV charging, the University has added five new charging stations. The charging stations were purchased and installed with funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Each station has two ports, allowing two cars to charge at once. The new charging stations, located at Laboratory for Laser Energetics (3 stations), Wilson North Lot, and Bailey Rd., bring the total number of chargers on campus to nine, or 18 ports.

Driving an EV produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cars powered only by gasoline. Since the first EV chargers were installed on campus in 2018, 56,748 kg. of greenhouse gas emissions has been avoided. That is equivalent to planting 1,455 trees and letting them grow for 10 years. Last year there were 3,200 charging sessions on campus, with the average session lasting approximately three and a half hours.

This month, 12 dual port stations will be installed at the Ambulatory Orthopedics Campus in Henrietta. Additional installations are planned over the winter at Lot 8-MRB, Lot 14-SRB, and the Bausch & Lomb Dock. By spring, there will be 36 EV charging ports across the University campuses. View a map of EV charging stations here

The charging stations are open to students, employees, visitors, and the public. Visit the Transportation and Parking Management website for a list of charging station locations and more information.


Above Article Courtesy of Transportation and Parking Management

Photo by Carol Burketaken at 211 Bailey Rd. 

2 Replies to “Drive electric? University adds more ways to plug in and power up”

  1. I believe that the move to drive electric vehicles is a step in the right direction for both personal and societal benefits. Electric vehicles produce zero emissions, which can greatly reduce air pollution and improve public health. Additionally, they have significantly lower operating costs as electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel. The fact that the university is adding more ways to plug in and power up electric vehicles on campus is a great initiative. Not only does it make it more convenient for students and faculty to use electric vehicles, but it also encourages the adoption of sustainable transportation options. I think it’s a smart move that will benefit the university community and the environment in the long run.

  2. I am so impressed with the University’s commitment to sustainability and the addition of more electric vehicle charging stations. It’s great to see the school taking a leadership role in promoting clean transportation and reducing our carbon footprint. As a student or staff member with an electric vehicle, it’s incredibly convenient to have more options to charge my car while on campus. Keep up the great work, UR!

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