Sustainability at home – ideas

LED lights

Although electricity is relatively cheaper in the U.S vis-à-vis other MEDCs (MEDC- More Economically Developed Country), the average American allocates a considerable amount of their monthly budget to servicing their utility bill. The following are easy energy saving… Read More

Four lifestyle changes that are good for the environment


Lifestyle changes that are good for the environment. It is much easier to think of sustainability as being small actionable steps that can lead to a big difference. Regardless of the setting, there are always small changes you… Read More

Student’s Corner

Hello all! I am the new Sustainability Assistant Intern for Facilities Team Green. I’m Emma, a junior majoring in International Relations with a double minor in History and Legal Studies. I’m excited to start off the Fall learning… Read More

Student’s Corner


It goes without saying that computers have become an integral part of many of our lives. In fact, most of today’s office and academic work centers around the work we do on our computers or on other screened electronic devices. With… Read More

Student’s Corner


In my opinion, environmental sustainability is being undermined by an increasing disconnect between the sources of the products/resources we use, and their subsequent end-users – us. Take electricity for example, arguably one of the most wasted resources there is. We… Read More