Facilities Offering an Earth Week Tour for Students

  Hey, UR students! Are you interested in a behind the scenes look at the University’s sustainable efforts? In celebration of Earth Day (4/22), University Facilities and Services is offering a tour the week of April 20 for… Read More

Empowering Communities with Renewable Energy


A while back we were approached by former UR student, Nicholas James. Since moving on from the University, Nicholas spent time volunteering to install wind turbines in rural communities in Peru that were previously without electricity. His experience inspired him… Read More

Steam Green: Cogen Plant a Sustainable Alternative


These past few months, undoubtedly, many have sought warmth and relief from the outside air within the University of Rochester campus buildings. Many years ago, the University heated those buildings on campus by burning coal and distributing steam…. Read More

An Ecofriendly End of the Year


The holiday season is a very special time of year to engage in festivities and show others we care. However, the environment is often left in the wake of the end-of-year excitement. Christmas lights that illuminate living rooms and decorate houses demand extra electricity…. Read More

Student’s Corner


In 2013, O’Brien Hall, one of the newer residence halls on campus, was awarded LEED Gold Certification. While this may seem on the surface may seem minimal, the reality is quite the opposite. LEED, a program (Leadership in… Read More