A crash course in renewable energy

#STOTW   Renewable energy is predicted to be the way of the future. So what exactly is renewable energy? Renewable energy is broadly defined as energy that is collected from naturally occurring resources that are replenished on a… Read More

University Conducts a Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory

University Facilities and Services worked with outside consultant O’Brien and Gere to conduct an inventory of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the University. The purpose was to establish a baseline for GHG emissions, use the data to… Read More

Central Utilities Installs New Efficient Boiler

University of Rochester Central Utilities and Energy Management recently installed a new boiler at their Central Utilities Plant, replacing an old, inefficient boiler. This is great news for sustainability at the University of Rochester. The new boiler will… Read More

Sustainability at home – ideas

Although electricity is relatively cheaper in the U.S vis-à-vis other MEDCs (MEDC- More Economically Developed Country), the average American allocates a considerable amount of their monthly budget to servicing their utility bill. The following are easy energy saving… Read More

Four lifestyle changes that are good for the environment

Lifestyle changes that are good for the environment. It is much easier to think of sustainability as being small actionable steps that can lead to a big difference. Regardless of the setting, there are always small changes you… Read More