3 Ways Students Can Save Money by Going Digital


The average cost of attending a four year public college in 1981 was approximately $4,000, according to The National Center for Education Statistics. College costs have more than quadrupled since then, making life for students a struggle. Instead… Read More

LED’s Illuminate Rush Rhees Dome


Generating electricity for lighting can be costly, energy inefficient, and harmful to the environment, as it requires burning fossil fuels, releasing pollutants into the air. To combat these effects and keep the University of Rochester sustainable, Facilities Manager… Read More

Students Corner


As members of Team Green Facilities and Services, we are always looking for new ways to educate and engage people with issues of sustainability! In our digital age, one of the effective ways to do that is through… Read More

University of Rochester Recognized for Campus Facilities Sustainability Progress


(Pictured Above from left to right: Patricia Beaumont, Director of Support Operations, Glenn Smith, President of APPA, and Fazeelah Chappell, Acting Recycling Coordinator)   On July 24, 2014, the University of Rochester was awarded the prestigious APPA 2014 Sustainability… Read More

New LED Lighting at Central Utilities

chiller 2 edit

At the University of Rochester’s Central Utilities Plant, new, high efficiency LED light fixtures were installed to replace existing lighting. In the chiller high bay area of the plant, five 400W Mercury Vapor and fifteen 400W Metal Halide lights were… Read More