Programs and Efforts – Transportation

Alternative Transportation

This building provides indoor and outdoor bicycle storage to promote the use of bicycles by residents and staff. This helps to reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.


A healthy commuting alternative that benefits the rider and the community by reducing pollution and traffic congestion. Although the weather in Rochester tends to limit the use of bicycles in inclement weather, we do provide bicycle racks throughout the University to accommodate this need.

Car Pools

If you do have to drive your car to work we offer a car pooling option that provides reduced parking rates for car pool participants. If people participate in a 4 person car pool there is no charge for parking. Two and three person car pools receive a discount compared to the regular parking rates.


A compact size utility vehicle used by Grounds to maneuver and go places where a pickup would not be well suited. Provides energy savings and reduces the dependence on oil for fuel.

Extensive Bus System

The University provides five University Staff Shuttles that are operated by First Transit. (CVRI, Scottsville Rd, RPC, Corporate Woods, and an evening staff shuttle). We also have a Greece Park n’ Ride which is operated by RTS and connects with Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital. Our Student Shuttles consist of 6 lines (red, blue, green, purple, silver and gold) and are also operated by First Transit. All our bus services (staff and student) are provided free of charge by showing a University ID.

ZIP Cars

The University now provides a car sharing service know as Zipcar that makes cars available for all UR community members. Zipcars utilize a “Zipcard” to give users self-service access to unlock the car, enable the engine and record the time and mileage use.

Hybrid Vehicles

The University recently purchased two Ford Escape Hybrid vehicles for use by security patrol and supervisors. Compared to the traditional gasoline engine Escape, the hybrids get 14 miles more per gallon in city driving and the technology helps emit 81% less smog-forming emissions.


New York State Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) prohibits heavy duty vehicles, including diesel trucks and buses, from idling for more than five minutes at a time. The University requires all University vehicle operators follow the same policy.

GEM Cars

The GEM electric vehicle is a multipurpose neighborhood electric vehicle used by University Facilities and Services for day-to-day operations.