Programs and Efforts – Purchasing


Inventory Barcodes

Supports paperless transactions in materials stores.

Green Cleaning Supplies

A green housekeeping policy specifies the use of non-toxic, environmentally responsible cleaning reagents.

Integrated Material Supplier

Provides improved pricing and services for various goods, and has streamlined procedures to produce less paper.

Microfiber Mops

Mops that use 35 gallons of water less per day when compared to their conventional counterpart.

Purchasing Strategy

A part of source reduction which includes buying items that do not generate waste in the first place, buying less to prevent waste, and buying from recycled sources to promote recycling.

Vehicle and Equipment Purchases

The University of Rochester requires the fleet manager to purchase, lease, or otherwise obtain the most energy efficient assets that meet the operational needs with its budgetary constraints including electric, hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle or equipment.