Student’s Corner


In my opinion, environmental sustainability is being undermined by an increasing disconnect between the sources of the products/resources we use, and their subsequent end-users – us. Take electricity for example, arguably one of the most wasted resources there is. We… Read More

Minimalism Challenge


This week’s green tip is all about being green by having less. I’ve been really into minimalism as a lifestyle lately and I think it is very easy to relate to sustainability. In another article, I talked about… Read More

Local Landfills: Where Does Your Garbage Go?


Have you ever stopped to think about where all of your waste ends up? In 2009, the EPA reported there were approximately 1,908 municipal solid waste landfills in the continental United States all managed by the states where… Read More

Student’s Corner


With the primary elections over, it looks like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the candidates for the 2016 presidential election. In terms of their views on climate change and environmental protection, these two could not be more… Read More

Shred Fest 2016 This Friday

A participant witnessing her documents being shredded via the camera on the mobile shred truck.

Just a friendly reminder that Shred Fest is happening on Friday and is open to all University of Rochester employees and students. Are you ready??? Download and print our event poster and a directive map of the location here. Get… Read More