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Orientation Week, 2014

Next week I’ll be moving into my dorm for sophomore year. Although I’m still not going to experience a traditional move-in day (I had to move in early last year as an EcoRep), it is still very exciting…. Read More

Guest Posting – 9 green air freshener ideas

air freshener

A fragrant home is a happy home so rethink how you tackle the stink – commercial air fresheners are full of chemicals. Instead, go green and make your own natural air fresheners with a few of these easy… Read More



Last month, the University of Rochester was honored to have three visitors from Nanjing tour its gardens. The group came from the Nanjing Botanical Garden through the Institute of Botany at the Jiangsu Province and Chinese Academy of… Read More

Student’s Corner


With my 20th birthday only a week away, the nostalgia of past birthday parties seems to be ever present on my mind. From pirates and roller skating to superheroes and pool parties, my parents must have been driven… Read More