Trying to Save? Try a Sustainable Way!

Sometimes choosing sustainable options, like buying organic, can be pricey. Lucky for you, rather than starting at the grocery store, the following are some at home steps you can take to save money while living more sustainably: Make… Read More

Year-end Donation Programs Start Today!

moving out

Moving out? Do you have unwanted stuff in your dorm room that you want to get rid of? Don’t trash it; donate it instead! The University offers two programs to get rid of your items in a responsible… Read More

RIT Student Climate Leadership Summit Update


A reminder that this event is taking place this Saturday, April 30. To register please visit View the agenda below:

Student’s Corner

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I’m so excited to announce the first of a series of videos called “Sixty Second Sustainability.” The above video the first of five that will come out over the next few weeks. These videos are short,… Read More

7 Ways to Improve the Way You Shop


When making everyday purchases, it may be hard to make environmentally friendly decisions. We tend to pick well-known name brands rather than products that might be healthier for us and better for the environment. Instead of choosing the… Read More