Get Ready for RecycleMania 2015!


With the onset of a new year, many people make efforts to better themselves and their communities. The start of the RecycleMania competition offers University of Rochester members a chance to kick off the year on the right… Read More

Student’s Corner

JimW-Sustainability_71_(9451877778) (1)

As a graduating senior this upcoming May, jobs are certainly on my mind. I have been trying to decide which field to enter,  where my talents and passions lie, and  if those two are even compatible!  One of my… Read More

Leaders in Sustainability #3 – Andrew Steer

Andrew Steer

The environmental movement is one that is categorized by its diverse and multifaceted efforts. While positive in that it targets problems from a variety of different angles and mediums, its multilayered aspects can sometimes make the movement seem… Read More

Debate on the New York City Polystyrene Ban


You may have heard that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to ban expanded polystyrene (EPS) was recently approved. This means that beginning on July 1, food establishments will be barred from using foam cups or containers. This will… Read More

Student’s Corner


Did you know that around 133,000,000 pounds of food are wasted annually by supermarkets and restaurants? There are many reasons for this high level of food waste, but one key explanation is that most grocery stores switch out… Read More