Inside Illnesses: Indoor Air Pollutants and Solutions


With the winter chill permeating the outside air with its cold snow falling to the ground, many take shelter under the roofs of their own homes. However, spending so much time indoors can not only generate boredom, but… Read More

March Eyeglasses Collection


In conjunction with the Recyclemania competition and National Eye Donor Month, University Facilities and Services will be collecting eyeglasses through the month of March to be recycled. This month, you can mail your unwanted glasses to: University Mail Services at… Read More

Student’s Corner


Have you ever wondered what opportunities there are to become “greener” on campus? Being new to campus as a freshman, and new to Team Green, I wanted to do some internet exploring to find out all the opportunities… Read More



Forest products companies have been distancing themselves from places with unsustainable practices, and encourage consumers to only purchase from places certifiably sustainable forestry practices.

Teamwork Becomes “Greenwork” in an Office Cleanout

Meliora 182 - trash4

Teamwork is used globally as a strategy for completing tasks. In the business world, it is said to improve companies by boosting morale, increasing efficiency, creating innovation, and providing flexibility. In early February, a professor and researcher retired… Read More