RecycleMania Results In

For over a decade the University has participated in the nation-wide competition known as RecycleMania. So what is all the “mania” about and how did we do? Starting at the beginning, RecycleMania is a nationwide competition in which… Read More

Student’s Corner

The creation of Earth Day rose from a need. There was a need in the United States for people to face the consequences of their actions, to make citizens aware of the harm caused by their pollution. There was… Read More

Is bottled water better for me?

  Bottled water is more popular in America than in almost any other country. Companies are selling Americans something they can basically get for free from their kitchen faucets, at a drastically increased price. And the water that… Read More

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22 in 1970 in the United States to raise awareness about environmental protection. Now, more than 193 countries participate in Earth Day each year.  At the University of Rochester and surrounding… Read More

Student’s Corner

Trump donates his salary to the National Parks- sounds great, right? Until you consider his budget plans which propose to cut the National Park Service budget. The money Trump donated, a whopping $78,333, represents only a small fraction… Read More