Student’s Corner


Happy Halloween Everyone!! Today is October 31st, the day in which hundreds of thousands of people all across the nation dress up in costume to partake in the american cultural event of Halloween. Outfits, makeup, decorations, and candy populate… Read More

Read a paper – print version or online?


If you read for 30 minutes or more daily, reading a print edition has a lower environmental impact than reading the online edition.

Meet Facilities Team Green


Although you might have seen us around campus or tabling at Club Rochester, the University of Rochester Facilities and Services would like to officially introduce Team Green of 2014-2015. For those of you who may not know, Team… Read More

Student’s Corner


If you grew up or currently live in a middle or upper-middle class neighborhood, there is a chance that environmental discrimination is a foreign concept to you. However, it is a very serious issue that everyone should be… Read More

Sustainable fridge


Don’t let your food in the fridge go bad. There is a simple way to find a recipe…