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Ever since entering the world of eco-friendly products, the most common concern I’ve come across is why they cost so much more than the conventional counterparts. With the growing complexity of recycling and sustainability, this is an issue… Read More

Green Cleaning Recipes: Salubrious Solutions


For an alternative to bleach in laundry: Heat ¼ cup of vinegar in microwave for 30 seconds on high. Dissolve ¼ cups of borax in the vinegar, and add ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide.

UR to Compete in the GameDay Recycling Challenge

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The University of Rochester will compete against colleges and universities across the nation, in this year’s GameDay Recycling Challenge, a waste reduction and recycling competition. The competition will take place during our homecoming game on October 18th at Fauver… Read More

Students Corner

As members of Team Green Facilities and Services, we are always looking for new ways to educate and engage people with issues of sustainability! In our digital age, one of the effective ways to do that is through… Read More

What is a consignment shop?


Reusing 1 ton of cotton clothing only uses 2.6% of the energy required to manufacture those from virgin materials, and reusing 1 ton of polyester clothing only uses 1.8%!!