Learn Your Carbon Footprint

environmental footprint

Some calculators even reveal how many “worlds” it would take to support a global population who lived like you. Because we rarely think of sustainability in number of worlds, these devices help offer new, and unique perspectives on how big our impact really is.

Holiday Shopping

photo by JD Hancock

This week we will give thanks, enjoy delicious feasts, and spend time with family and loved ones. For many people this week also signifies the beginning of a shopping frenzy as the countdown to the holidays begins! Here are… Read More

Student’s Corner

Each year, 20 billion disposable menstrual products end up in landfills in North America alone. Talk about polluting our planet.  While yes, women can’t help that they have periods, what we can do is choose feminine hygiene products… Read More

Volume up Significantly at E-Cycle Day 2015


On Friday, October 30th University Facilities and Services held its 8th annual E-Cycle Day. The day began bright and early at 6:30 a.m. and ran until 1:00 p.m. University faculty, students and staff lined up in Park Lot… Read More

Student’s Corner


This past Tuesday, Facilities Team Green (along with some of the EcoReps and other guests) took a tour of the High Acres Landfill. The Landfill has been owned and operated by Waste Management since 1971, and occupies about 1,000… Read More