Student’s Corner

I’ve always loved the ocean. I even took a Marine Biology course my senior year in high school. The ocean is amazing and vast. There are areas of it that we’ve still yet to explore. Ocean animals are… Read More

Seven Energy Saving Resources

Top Energy Saving Resource Websites Sustainability Tip of the Week #STOTW   A short list of useful websites for energy saving needs ranging from the home to the workplace There’s even… Read More

Student’s Corner

The United States was supposedly founded upon the desire for freedom; even in the decades prior to its establishment as an independent country, this land was refuge for the oppressed and under-privileged European citizens. Come to the United… Read More


Composting – Sustainability Tip of the Week #STOTW   Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills while also creating fertile soil for gardening. When food scraps go to… Read More

Shred Fest 2017: Second Largest Event to Date

On Friday, July 21, the University of Rochester held its seventh annual Shred Fest for University employees. This event is hosted by University Facilities and Services and it provides employees an opportunity to securely destroy and recycle their… Read More