Little Free Library at The Children’s School


Recently, a team from Medical Center Facilities Operations built a new Little Free Library at The Children’s School @ URMC. The Children’s School is located across the street from the Medical Center and provides care for the children… Read More

Student’s Corner


No denying it, it’s getting cold up here in Rochester. And while that means all kinds of sad things (think snow, snow, and more snow), the cool weather is also bringing back something beautiful: hot coffee and tea…. Read More

CURCS: Helping Rochester One Student at a Time


The goal of CURCS, or Connecting Universities to Rochester City Schools, is to target young, energetic, and innovative college students as volunteers to serve as tutors, mentors, and positive role models during the enrichment period of Expanded Learning… Read More

Student’s Corner


Yesterday, in my Environmental Economics class, I learned of an interesting choice that I’ll now have to consider when I consider what to grab for dinner. The choice is this one: do I care more about the well-being… Read More

5 Painless Ways to Conserve Water

water drop

I received my water bill in the mail this week. Most times, I toss the extra papers and don’t pay any attention to them. Today, I stopped and took a minute to read: 5 Painless Ways to Conserve… Read More