Local Landfills: Where Does Your Garbage Go?


Have you ever stopped to think about where all of your waste ends up? In 2009, the EPA reported there were approximately 1,908 municipal solid waste landfills in the continental United States all managed by the states where… Read More

Shred Fest 2016 This Friday

A participant witnessing her documents being shredded via the camera on the mobile shred truck.

Just a friendly reminder that Shred Fest is happening on Friday and is open to all University of Rochester employees and students. Are you ready??? Download and print our event poster and a directive map of the location here. Get… Read More

Student’s Corner.

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A word that has increasingly become synonymous with the notion of “sustainability” is recycling. The general idea that people have is that after you’re done using a product, you place it in a special bin where its eventually collected, processed… Read More

University IT Equipment Recovery Program


Electronics are made of various materials including metals, plastics, glass, and even chemicals which require extensive amounts of energy to mine and manufacture. Continuing advancements in technology renders our gadgets obsolete at a rate faster than ever. According… Read More

Do I Really Need to Rinse That?


Happy 4th everyone!!! Here is something to ponder upon while you are enjoying being a proud American (one who remembers to recycle that is). We have all been there before. You are staring at the bottom of the… Read More