Volume up Significantly at E-Cycle Day 2015


On Friday, October 30th University Facilities and Services held its 8th annual E-Cycle Day. The day began bright and early at 6:30 a.m. and ran until 1:00 p.m. University faculty, students and staff lined up in Park Lot… Read More

New Life Cycle Analysis on Recycled Content Paper


The following post was made by Rochester NY native, Susan Kinsella of Conservatree:   People often ask me if recycled paper is really that much better for the planet than paper without recycled content. New Leaf Paper released a new… Read More

Eyeglasses Collection Program a Success


According to the Center for Disease Control, about fourteen million Americans above the age of twelve are visually impaired. Of these fourteen million people, more than eleven million could improve their vision with some form of refractive correction,… Read More

Recycling: Trash or Treasure?


An article appeared in the opinion section of The New York Times last weekend which created quite a stir in the recycling community. It is no secret that the author, John Tierney, is not a supporter of recycling…. Read More

Where to Recycle on Campus

Have you ever been walking around campus, holding an empty iced drink container from Starbucks, wondering where on earth you should go to recycle it? Luckily, there are places to recycle all across campus, both inside and outdoors…. Read More