Student’s Corner


With my 20th birthday only a week away, the nostalgia of past birthday parties seems to be ever present on my mind. From pirates and roller skating to superheroes and pool parties, my parents must have been driven… Read More

IT Equipment Recovery Program Breaks Record


This past fiscal year, the IT Equipment Recovery Program recycled 200,466 pounds of electronic equipment, our largest fiscal year to date!  Since the University’s IT department began managing the program in 2012,  a total of 548,400 pounds has been… Read More

One Week Until Shred Fest 2015


Attention all University of Rochester students and employees!! You have one week to get your paper documents sorted out to bring to this event. Are you ready?? Full details here. Click here to download our flyer. Click here… Read More

Bathroom Products “Want to be Recycled” Too!


You’re an avid follower of the 3 R’s. You reuse every scrap of paper and have a compost bin in your kitchen. But….. Do you have a recycle bin in your bathroom? According to a recent study conducted for the… Read More

Student’s Corner


Working for Facilities’ Support Operations Department with the Recycling Program at the University of Rochester this summer, I am given the opportunity to help out in some pretty great events that not only provide a convenience, but also… Read More