The Truth About Parabens


Though parabens can sometimes cause a mild skin irritation, most people do not have any side effects of using products containing parabens at all.

Droughts are predicted


After the summer of 2012, over 65% of the country was in drought. Though water use is unavoidable, there are easy things you can do in your everyday life to use water more efficiently.

The Little Free Library – Brings Communities Together

Free Little Library

The Little Free Library is an international organization designed to promote literacy through the exchange of free books with the motto “take a book, return a book”. The libraries are basically hand-painted, waterproof box like structures fitted on… Read More

Fermentation at The University of Rochester


Last semester, I took a class called “Food, Media, and Literature,” during which we explored these interrelated topics on many levels with Professor Leila Nadir. This class was anything but typical with trips to farms, farmers markets, and… Read More

Green in the Office

office plant

Go Green in your office – get a plant on your desk! Plants absorb indoor air pollution and increase the flow of oxygen.