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Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in modern societies. Its durability and availability have granted it a prominent place in our daily lives, whether in the form of chopsticks, office furniture or houses. Although we… Read More

Student’s Corner

On November 17th, I went to the High Acres Landfill in Pittsford, New York. Here are five things I learned: There is a fire training facility on site that is used by volunteer firemen in the area. There… Read More

What is Biodiversity?

What is Biodiversity?   Quite literally, it means the variety of life, ranging from all the different species on Earth, to just those within a smaller ecosystem. However, biodiversity goes beyond being just the different species within a… Read More

Student’s Corner

For my next article of sustainable European cities, I will be looking at London! Another city close to my heart, I spent the summer of 2016 living in London and working for a Labour MP. Although I never… Read More

10 Ways to Lay Back and Relax

Looking for a way to lay back and relax? One of my favorite ways to relax is watching movies! Here are some of my top picks for movies related to sustainability. The True Cost – This documentary discusses… Read More