5 Reasons to eat seasonably

veggies basket

Eating seasonably is a great way of making your diet more sustainable. Fruits and vegetables that are grown in season have a smaller environmental impact than produce grown out of season. Food grown in season requires less heating,… Read More

Figuring Out Food Labels

man reading a food label

Supermarkets can be a very overwhelming place. As soon as you walk in, you are bombarded with more food options than any person can efficiently pick from. And on those endless food products are countless labels claiming to… Read More

My top 5 picks for Eco-Fiction Books

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We recently posted a list of some great non-fiction books focused on global warming. To add to your summer reading list, here are a few critically acclaimed fiction novels about climate change and its affects on our planet…. Read More

Non-Fiction Global Warming Books


Reading is a great pastime and one of the best ways to stay informed about current environmental issues. These critically acclaimed books address what global warming is, why it is happening, and what the consequences will be.  … Read More

Local Landfills: Where Does Your Garbage Go?


Have you ever stopped to think about where all of your waste ends up? In 2009, the EPA reported there were approximately 1,908 municipal solid waste landfills in the continental United States all managed by the states where… Read More