Careers in Sustainability

environmental law

As the idea of sustainability and protecting our planet grows around the world, the number of jobs in the environmental field continues to increase. The sustainability industry will continue to expand as natural resources and energy become more… Read More

Study Sustainability Abroad


Sustainability and environmental sciences have significant global impact, so why not take your study of these subjects global as well? The University’s Center for Study Abroad provides students with countless programs available to study in other countries, a… Read More

Student’s Corner

Last week on social media, there was an uproar over the killing of Cecil the Southwestern African Lion, who had been living in Hwange National Park of Zimbabwe. The lion had been a personal favorite of tourists and… Read More

Two Tricks to Keep Summer Pests Away Without Pesticides


Bzzzzzzzzzz! It’s that time of year and they’re out there again! Last summer I came across a couple of eco-friendly DIY pest control traps, both using materials we commonly have laying around at home. The best part is they… Read More

University Facilities and Services and Environmental Health and Safety announce this year’s Winter Contest Winners


Shuffles, the University winter safety penguin, is pleased to announce that the 2015 Together We Can winter contest is complete and the winners selected. The contest asked for UR community members to nominate someone who assisted them during… Read More