Donut Talk 12/5

Join us on Monday at noon to enjoy coffee and a donut and to hear Dr. Peter Svensson discuss “A role of transcription to switch between chromatin states”.

Donut Talk 11/7



Join us for Donuts and Coffee to hear Erica Larschan from Brown Univeristy discuss “X-marks the spot: targeting Drosophila dosage compensation to the male X-chromosome”

Donut Talk 10/31

3573Join us for Donuts and Coffee (and maybe a trick or treat!) to hear Elizabeth Grayhack from the UR Medical Center discuss how “Adjacent codons act in concert to modulate translation”

EEB Seminar 10/28

3207582_origJoin us for the EEB seminar and hear Rebecca Rundell from SUNY-ESF discuss “Diversification and conservation of Belau land snails (Republic of Palau, Oceania)”