Tenure Talks, With Donuts

The next two Donut talks will also be the tenure seminars for two EEB Assistant Professors.  Both seminars start at noon in Hutchison 473.

This Monday (19 Sept) Richard Glor will present on  “The Evolution of Species Diversity in Anolis Lizards”

The following week (Monday, 26 Sept) Justin Ramsey presents: “An intersection of ecology and genetics: how polyploidy mediates population processes in flowering plants”

Fall 2011 EEB Journal Club

Allen Orr will be leading the Ecology and Evolution Journal club this semester.  We will hold our first, organizational, meeting on Tuesday Sept. 6 at 12:30PM in Hutch 316.  The topic this semester will concern the genetics and theory of adaptation.

Welcome (Back) Picnics

Over the next week there are two picnics scheduled to welcome new graduate students:

The first is today (Wed, 24 August) at noon on the Carlson Library veranda hosted by the Biology Department.  Food and volleyball will be provided, you are encouraged to bring other games.

Next week, on Monday (29 August) at 4:30 just after the new student orientation the Graduate Organizing Group is hosting a picnic in the Riverbend Shelter, Genesee Valley Park [map].  This one is usually well attended with long food and beverage lines, so get there early.

Next up… Bull

We wrapped up our read of Gillespie (highlights to come in a future post) today and decided to roll right into the next book.  Starting next Tuesday (at 12:30 in Hutch 316) we’ll read Jim Bull’s 1993 book, Evolution of Sex Determining Mechanisms.

This one is a little hard to get your hands on, let me know if you can’t track a copy down.  We’ll start off with the Introductory chapter (pages 3-10) and decide on an plan for divvying up the rest of the book on Tuesday.  As usual, all are welcome.

Discussion on RADs

Next week, the Glor lab with special guest Dan McNabney will discuss a recent paper from the Andolfatto lab using a modified RAD sequencing protocol for genetic mapping.  This method and techniques similar to it are becoming increasingly popular in population genomic and phylogenetic studies across a variety of taxa.  The paper and method may be of interest to a number of labs here and all are welcome. We’ll meet in the Glor lab on Tuesday (4/19) at 2 pm, discussion of the paper will start around 2:30.

EEB Seminars: Julienne Ng and LeAnne Lovato

Julienne Ng and LeAnne Lovato will be presenting an EEB seminars tomorrow (Friday, March 4) at 3:00 pm in Hutchison 316 entitled: “Signals and speciation in Anolis distichus” -and- “Breeding system and DNA polymorphism in Caenorhabditis elegans

Friday with the Charlesworths

This Friday (2/4) we will discuss Chapter 5.3 of Elements of Evolutionary Genetics, Jeffrey has agreed to lead.  Tentatively we are scheduled for 10 am but, due to low attendance last week and a conflict with a chalk talk, we are open to a time change, please list better times in the comments.

Spring 2011 Topics

Topics this semester will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10 am in 316 Hutch.  Drs. Garrigan, Orr and Werren (respectively) will lead the sections outlined below:

Introduction to Coalescent Theory (Garrigan)
Jan 19 – Fundamentals of the coalescent
Jan 24 – Genetic variation and the coalescent
Jan 26 – Genetic variation and the coalescent, pt. II
Jan 31 – The structured coalescent
Feb 2 – The structured coalescent, pt. II
Feb 7 – Separation of time scales
Feb 9 – The coalesecent with recombination
Feb 14 – Coalescent based inference

Introduction to Classical Population Genetics (Orr)
Feb 16 – Mar 28

Levels of Selection, Selfish DNA, & Genetic Conflict (Werren)
Mar 30 – Apr 27