New Discussion group

This semester a9783662435496 group of EEB undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and faculty will read and discuss chapters from a new edited volume on Phylogenetic Comparative Methods. The book is available online through the University of Rochester River Campus libraries here.

The group will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 4pm in the graduate student lounge starting next week (24 Feb). If you are interested in attending, click more below to see the reading schedule.

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Congratulations, Dr. Ng!

Julienne'sCommitteeLast Friday, Julienne Ng successfully defended her dissertation. Degree in hand, Julienne will be joining the lab of Stacy Smith as a Postdoctoral Fellow this Fall to study color evolution in flowering plants.  Join us all in congratulating Julienne and wishing her the best of luck.

Congratulations Dr. Presgraves!

PresgravesphotoCongratulations to Dr. Daven Presgraves for his promotion to full Professor. In a recent message to the department, chair Dr. Gloria Culver put it best:

“The promotion is timely and deserved, and we wish him the best in the years to come!”

That sentiment is shared by everyone in EEB, congrats Daven!

Journal Club, 2 Oct: Divergence Population Genetics

EEB journal club will spend a second week on speciation with gene flow, this time we will cover divergence population genetics.

Required Readings:
1.  Wu, C.-I (2001) The genic view of the process of speciation. J. Evol. Biol. 14: 851-865. [doi link]

2.  Pinho, C. and J. Hey (2010) Divergence with Gene Flow: Models and Data. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 41:215-230. [doi link]

3.  Machado, C., et al. (2002) Inferring the History of Speciation from Multilocus DNA Sequence Data: The Case of Drosophila pseudoobscura and Close Relatives.  Mol. Biol. Evol. 19: 472-488. [journal link]

4.  Millicent and Thoday. (1960). Gene Flow and Divergence under Disruptive Selection. Science. 131:1311-1312. [doi]

Updated Journal Club Schedule

There have been a few changes the schedule for journal club, see revised schedule below:

Week 1    (Sept. 4th)    The reality of species    Glor
Week 2    (Sept. 11th)    Geographic speciation and allopatry    Landeen/Glor
Week 3    (Sept. 18th)    Drift and Speciation    Glor/Presgraves
Week 4    (Sept. 25th)    Speciation with gene flow I    Ahmed/Glor
Week 5    (Oct. 2nd)    Speciation with gene flow II    Geneva/Presgraves
Week 6    (Oct. 9th)    Natural and sexual selection I    Johnson/Glor
Week 7    (Oct. 16th)    Natural and sexual selection II    Binshuang/Glor
Week 8    (Oct. 23rd)    Natural and sexual selection III    Longjun/Glor
Week 9    (Oct. 30th)    Genetics of speciation I    Brand/Presgraves
Week 10    (Nov. 6th)    Genetics of speciation II    Brand/Presgraves
Week 11    (Nov. 13th)    Genetics of speciation III    Longjun/Presgraves
Week 12    (Nov. 20th)    Genetics of speciation IV    Binshuang/Glor
Week 13    (Nov. 27th)    Genetics of speciation V    Chengcheng/Presgraves
Week 14    (Dec. 4th)    Speciation and macroevolution    Johnson/Glor
Week 15    (Dec. 11th)    The future of speciation research    Chengcheng/Glor/Presgraves

Journal Club, 4/17

The next two weeks of journal club will focus on species/clade selection.  Next week we’ll read and discuss how Species Selection Maintains Self-Incompatibility. An additional  review, Species Selection: Theory and Data, is suggested reading.

EEB Seminar, 27 January 2012

As the blog of record for the EEB group, we post on all seminars, past and present.  Last Friday, Jack Werren presented his seminar entitled Winging It: Phoenix or Icarus? Jack detailed current and ongoing research in his lab, focusing on the efforts of Drs. Loehlin and Wheeler.

Journal Club, 8 November

In next week’s journal club we will dive into the microbial experimental evolution literature.  First up is the classic 10,000-generation experiment on the Dynamics of Adaptation and Diversification, by Lenksi and Travisano.