Updated Journal Club Schedule

There have been a few changes the schedule for journal club, see revised schedule below:

Week 1    (Sept. 4th)    The reality of species    Glor
Week 2    (Sept. 11th)    Geographic speciation and allopatry    Landeen/Glor
Week 3    (Sept. 18th)    Drift and Speciation    Glor/Presgraves
Week 4    (Sept. 25th)    Speciation with gene flow I    Ahmed/Glor
Week 5    (Oct. 2nd)    Speciation with gene flow II    Geneva/Presgraves
Week 6    (Oct. 9th)    Natural and sexual selection I    Johnson/Glor
Week 7    (Oct. 16th)    Natural and sexual selection II    Binshuang/Glor
Week 8    (Oct. 23rd)    Natural and sexual selection III    Longjun/Glor
Week 9    (Oct. 30th)    Genetics of speciation I    Brand/Presgraves
Week 10    (Nov. 6th)    Genetics of speciation II    Brand/Presgraves
Week 11    (Nov. 13th)    Genetics of speciation III    Longjun/Presgraves
Week 12    (Nov. 20th)    Genetics of speciation IV    Binshuang/Glor
Week 13    (Nov. 27th)    Genetics of speciation V    Chengcheng/Presgraves
Week 14    (Dec. 4th)    Speciation and macroevolution    Johnson/Glor
Week 15    (Dec. 11th)    The future of speciation research    Chengcheng/Glor/Presgraves