23rd Annual Genetics Day Friday, May 6, 2011

 Dr. Steven Gill @ 10:00am, “The Oral Microbiota: A Role in Oral Cancer?”

Dr. John Jaenike @ 10:35am, “Endosymbiont-Mediated Defense Against Nematode Parasites”

Dr. Douglas Portman @ 11:45am, “Sex and the Single Neuron: Genetic Control of Behavior in the Nematode C. elegans

Dr. Hartmut (Hucky) Land @ 12:20pm, “Cancer Cell Metabolism”

Dr. Keith Yamamoto @ 3pm, “Transcriptional Regulation by Steroids: Signal Integration and Gene Networks”

Lectures will be held in the Class of ’62 Auditorium.

Go Biohazards!!

Do you like to have fun? Do you enjoy being outside? Do you like beer and snacks? Then the Biohazards need YOU!

Spring has sprung and it’s time to play softball! The Biohazards are currently in a rebuilding year and we need as many new players as possible.  Regardless of skill level, we want you to play! Many of the current players are graduate students, but ALL are welcome (students, faculty, postdocs, staff, significant others, friends, etc.).  Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in playing please refer them to me.


LeAnne (AKA Duster)