Dr. Cara Brand with her PhD committee: Profs. Josep Comeron, Amanda Larracuente, DCP, Elaine Sia, Carmala Garzione.









Dr. Emily Landeen with her PhD committee: DCP, Profs. John Parsch, Tom Eickbush, Allen Orr and Doug Portman.










Coynefest 2016: Corbin Jones, Nitin Phadnis, DCP, Allen Orr, Amanda Moehring, Mohamed Noor, Katharine Korunes, and Daniel Matute– with Jerry Coyne.

photo 1










Our three star undergraduate researchers— Justin Roncaioli, Ben Goulet, and Nick Love— on graduation day, May 2014.










Cara passes her PhD qualifying exam – June 2013.

Dr. Victoria Cattani (2012) with her PhD committee: Dean Margaret Kearney, Allen Orr, Vicky, Daven, and Trisha Wittkopp.

Emily passes her PhD qualifying exam – August 2010




Colin “Cool Hhhwhip” Meiklejohn approves…




Fly Meetings, Chicago 2009: Doris Bachtrog, Brian Lazzaro (behind Doris), Todd Schlenke, Trisha Wittkopp and Daven.

“Origin of Species — 150 Years Later” meeting, 2009, Fiskebäckskil, Sweden: Daven, Mohamed Noor and Michael Turelli.

J.P. Masly (Oklahoma) and Vicky at the 2008 Evolution meetings in Minneapolis.


Vicky_qualShanwu and Vicky pass their PhD qualifying exams!






Pierre, Shanwu, and Vicky — pushing flies.


AGA Speciation Meeting, Vancouver, 2006 (L to R): Daven, Ana Llopart, Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos, Jerry Coyne, Mohamed Noor, and Allen Orr. [photo: John Willis]