BIO265. Human Evolutionary Genetics

Spring Semester. This course explores human evolution and history using population genetics.  Among the topics covered:

  • What does paleoanthropology says about human evolution?
  • Kinds, amounts, and causes of human genetic variation
  • The genetic basis of adaptation in human populations
  • Migration and demographic history
  • What’s in the human genome and why?
  • Interactions between modern and archaic humans
  • How does cultural evolution affect biological evolution?
  • Finding the mutations that cause disease

BIO472. Advanced Topics in Evolution and Ecology.

This team-taught graduate course covers a variety of topics, laying the foundations for graduate study in evolution and ecology.

BIO265. Molecular Evolution [retired in 2018]

This course explored evolution at the molecular level. Among the topics covered:

  • Inferring history from DNA sequences
  • Determining how natural selection shapes the evolution of genes
  • Studying the relationship between molecular and phenotypic evolution
  • Studying the evolution of genome organization and content
  • Assigning biological function to genome sequences
  • Finding the sources of epidemics
  • Mapping genes involved in human diseases and adaptations