Donut Talk 10/24

john5841Join us for Donuts and Coffee and Brad Johnson from University of Pennsylvania discuss “Mechanisms of senescence and pathology driven by dysfunctional telomeres”

EEB Seminar 10/21

20811_originalJoin us for the EEB seminar and hear new postdoc Marek Borowiec discuss “Big-data phylogenetics and the evolutionary history of army ants”

Donut Talk 10/10

downloadJoin us for Donuts and Coffee and hear our very own Andrei Seluanov discuss “Naked and long-lived: mechanisms of longevity in the naked mole-rat and other mammals”

EEB Seminar 10/7

This week att he EEB seminar, our very own Ryan Bickel is presenting his work on pigmentation in Drosophila. See you all there

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EEB seminar 4/21: Dr. Michael Lynch

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Please join us for a special EEB seminar on 4/21 at 3:30pm in Lander Auditorium. Dr. Michael Lynch will present a talk titled “Mutation, Drift, and the Origin of Cellular Features”. Dr. Lynch is the Distinguished Professor of Biology at Indiana University, Bloomington, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Biology seminar 3/24: Dr. Cedric Feschotte

Dr. Cedric Feschotte will give a talk titled “Regulatory evolution of feschottemammalian innate immunity via co-option of endogenous retroviruses” Thursday 3/24 at 3:30pm in the Lander auditorium. Dr. Feschotte is an Associate Professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City. His lab studies transposable elements and genome biology.


2015 UR Biology Department Retreat

Thanks to those who made this year’s retreat a success. We kicked off the retreat with a BBQ/bonfire party and a hilarious game of Bio-pictionary. The next day had two outstanding alumni speakers (Dr. Snow Shen and Dr. Rob Unckless), relaxation, hiking, wine tasting, games and a vibrant poster session. What great science and great company!

Retreat Group Shot

2015 UR Biology Department retreat group shot in Bristol Harbour, NY.