A-W of Academic Literacy (AWAL)

Thank you for visiting this page to learn more about the book we are in the process of writing, An A-W of Academic Literacy: A Reference Guide for Graduate Students, to be published in 2021 by the University of Michigan Press.

Below are links to the draft introduction to the book and entries in the book for you to review. We suggest that you first read the introduction (the first link) to understand the aims and approach of the book. Whether you are a student, course instructor, advisor, or other faculty member, writing consultant, or just an interested reader, we welcome your feedback. At the end of each entry’s page is a link to a GoogleForm where you can submit your feedback. If you would leave your name, we’ll recognize your participation in this process in the Acknowledgments when the book is published.

The boldfaced terms within the entries signal cross-references to other entries in the book, which may or may not be included here. The Graduate Student Voice sections are written by one of the six doctoral student co-authors of the book.

These drafts are copyrighted by the authors of the book (Curry, ¬†He, Li, Zhang, Zuo, Ayesh, and Altalouli)–Please do not reuse or share with others!

Introduction to the book

Book Entries (A-W)

AWAL entry: Analysis

AWAL entry: Article

AWAL entry: Book review

AWAL entry: Case study

AWAL entry: Methodology

AWAL: Rationale

AWAL entry: Results/findings

AWAL entry: Sentence

AWAL entry: Standard English(es)

AWAL entry: Theoretical framework