The Uy lab relocates to E2G2

We’re happy to announce the recruitment of Drs. Al Uy and Floria Mora Kepfer Uy to Rochester’s E2G2 program!  Al and Floria will move their Tropical Biology Lab from the University of Miami to our own Biology Department in January 2020.  Al brings his research program on the ecology and genomics of speciation in birds, and Floria hers on the evolution and neural basis of cooperative behavior in social wasps.

EEB hires two new faculty members


The EEB group is excited to announce the addition of two new faculty members in the near future.  Dr. Christian Rabeling uses molecular phylogenetics to study the evolutionary biology of social ants, with a focus on reproductive strategies, social parasitism, and speciation.  And Dr. Amanda Larracuente uses genomics, genetics and cytology to study the evolution of selfish DNA in Drosophila, with a focus on sex chromosomes, meiotic drive elements, and satellite DNAs.  Dr. Rabeling’s lab will open for business in July 2014, and Dr. Larracuente’s will open in January 2015.