GAC MS admits competition

In 2015, Mark has green lighted the $500 prize to your MS advisory account for champion in optimizing a figure of merit of your (materialized) admits. Over time we’ll tune the FoM. For now, I have a version 1 below. The general idea is a good student you admitted adds to your score and a bad/mediocre one subtracts. Every MS-PhD convert adds a bonus point. Good or bad is measured by GPA and a subjective evaluation (such as TA performance and exit exam). For now, Michele will grade everyone on a 100% scale.

FoM = Σ(GPA+SE-Th) + N_c

SE: subjective evaluation, initially weighs about 5-10% of GPA until we are better at it.

Th: threshold will be average score for the 1st cohort.

N_c: Number of converts


  1. The FoM is NOT normalized to the number of students: We want more good students.
  2. The threshold is a fixed number so that we can see over time whether our admission is improving or not.
  3. The FoM can’t help you diagnose your criteria of admission. You should keep your own statistics if you want to debug and improve your algorithm.
  4. Yes, I understand luck is a factor.


The first cohort’s average is 3.69 (They are evaluated as A, A-, etc) so there is limited precision in the threshold.

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