Extended Family Policy

The Extended Family Policy allows leaseholders the option of bringing parents to stay with them for extended periods (up to 6 months) to care for their children.

In response to our graduate population becoming increasingly diverse, we are trying to accommodate different lifestyles and cultures. In doing so, we recognize the need for a leaseholder’s extended family to have the opportunity to stay and provide care for their children while they complete their academic programs.

It is very important that we have knowledge of who is staying with you as the leaseholder so that in the event of an emergency all members of an apartment are accounted for and we can respond appropriately.

In addition to this, over-occupied apartments generally have more wear and tear and an increase in utilities costs and is why we require the $50 charge to your monthly rent while they are staying with you.

Steps to register your extended family
  • Go to your area Office and complete the Extended Family Registration form prior to your family’s arrival. This will include names and length of stay.
  • When extended family members arrive, please bring them over to the area Office and introduce them to the staff. Also, at that time, be sure to provide copies of photo identification (i.e. passport or driver’s ID).
  • An fee will be added to the monthly rent to cover the cost of increased wear and tear on your apartment and/or extra utilities. This is a monthly charge of $50 added to your rent