Graduate students can choose from a wide range of living accommodations. Several styles are offered by the University. We attempt to match your rent budget, space needs, wishes with respect to privacy or a more social setting, as well as your need to be close to a particular campus area with one of the pleasant University apartment facilities.

The University maintains three apartment complexes that serve graduate students, medical students, and postgraduate trainees (including postdoctoral trainees and fellows, hospital house staff, and fellows of the School of Medicine and Dentistry). Each of these complexes has coin-operated laundry facilities and serviced by the University shuttle system. People with children will find safe playgrounds at Whipple Park. Both University Park and Whipple Park have broad lawn areas nearby for picnicking, volleyball, and other activities. On the other hand, Goler House (high-rise apartment building) is closer to the College Town stores, restaurants, and public transportation.

Our communities encourage our residents and their families to become involved and celebrate the unique contributions each person can bring to this living and learning environment. There are many ways to participate—from potluck dinners to picnics, outings (such as apple picking) to biking, art classes to community gardening—with something for everyone at the level they wish to participate.