Graduate Community Assistants (GCAs)

GCAs are employed by the Office of Graduate and Family Housing at the University of Rochester. They work to support both a healthy and inclusive residential community. GCAs serve our residents by promoting the integration of social, recreational, cultural, and intellectual activities into the community.

A few ways residents can get connected to their community is by attending New Resident Welcome, signing up to be added to the mailing list, or participating in one of the community events hosted by the GCAs. GCAs will communicate to residents through the mailing lists, our Facebook pages, as well as, through fliers to promote activities and keep residents up to speed with what is going on.

Each year we train graduate students – Graduate Community Assistants – to serve as live-in staff in their respected graduate communities. They assist us in reaching our shared goal of connecting with our residents and making valuable connections for our residents so that they can be a resource to you during your time here. The Office of Graduate and Family Housing believes that building these meaningful connections while attending the University of Rochester makes your housing arrangements more than a place to live, but a place to become…Meliora.