Graduate and Family Housing

The Office of Graduate and Family Housing is represented by dedicated staff who continuously strive to create a fun, safe, and engaging culture in our communities. The staff is made up of an Assistant Director, the Graduate Housing Operations Manager, the Resident Director, and the staff of Graduate Community Assistants (GCAs). The GCAs are graduate students, who live in the residential communities and encourage involvement in programming and events. There are many ways to participate—from potluck dinners to picnics and outings (such as apple picking) to biking and art classes and community gardens—something for everyone!


At the University of Rochester, Graduate and Family Housing residents expect their housing communities to be places where they can –

Pursue their academic goals in an environment conducive to learning;

Have buildings that are physically clean and well cared for;

Become active community members through various programming planned by our staff;

Are respected for who they are—where differences are not only tolerated but also celebrated;

Take responsibility for their actions;

Respect the rights of others;

Are entitled to their own opinions but understand the importance of compromise;

Uphold the standards of the community for the good of the entire community.