Recycling 101

Recycling 101: No Plastic Bags in the Recycling. No Bagged Recyclables.

Did you know that plastic bags don’t belong in your recycling container? Did you know that plastic bags should be returned to a grocer or retail outlet to be safely recycled? Did you know that plastic bags not only prevent items from being recycled, but also damage recycling equipment and even create a hazard for recycling workers?

That’s why Waste Management is striving to increase the recycling IQ of both residents and businesses. Do your part by learning more about how to keep plastic bags out of your recycling and sharing with others.

We need your help to Recycle Often. Recycle Right.®

Take Action

Become a Recycling Ambassador

Don’t Bag Your Recyclables

Remember to Free Your Recyclables! Never bag your recycling – keep them loose in your container!

Take-Back Recycling Options

Clean and dry plastic bags can be recycled at many local retailers – just not in your home or business recycling container. Visit to find a take-back location near you.


Avoid plastic bags all together by taking reusable bags with you the next time you shop.


Want another way to reuse plastic bags? Use them as trash liners in your garbage containers in your home or office.

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