Spring Eyeglasses Recycling Results

In an effort to help those in need see better, University Facilities and Services holds a biannual recycling program to collect prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, and frames.… Spring Eyeglasses Recycling Results

Spring Eyeglasses Collection Promotes Giving and Reuse

This year’s spring eyeglasses collection and departmental competition may have been interrupted by COVID-19 shut-downs, but the results were not hindered. I total of 892 pairs were collected altogether, making… Spring Eyeglasses Collection Promotes Giving and Reuse

March 2016 Eyeglass Collection

In conjunction with the Recyclemania competition and National Eye Donor Month, University Facilities and Services will be collecting eyeglasses through the month of March to be recycled. This month, you can mail… March 2016 Eyeglass Collection