Six top sustainability news sources

Sustainability is on the forefront of everyone’s minds, it seems – and rightly so. However, with so many political, business, technological, and cultural developments, it feels impossible to keep up with sustainability news. Here are six sources to keep you updated on everything climate, the environment, and sustainability:

  1. TriplePundit

What it’s about: The intersections of business, social justice, and sustainability

What it’s like: Versatile and thoughtful reporting by CSR and sustainability professionals, corporate professionals, journalists, activists, and academics

What to read first: Indigenous Communities May Hold the Key to Wildfire Prevention, but Government Policies Leave Them Choking on Smoke Instead

  1. Sustainability Mag

What it’s about: Sustainability news, interviews, in-depth articles, videos, and events

What it’s like: Lots of options! Something for everyone, and always with a positive angle

What to read first: “The end of fast fashion and emergence of a circular economy

  1. New Scientist

What it’s about: Science, technology, and the human experience

What it’s like: This is the web edition of the popular print magazine. Fact-based and cutting-edge, but accessible and interesting.

What to read first: “Six climate tipping points are likely to occur if we breach 1.5°C goal

  1. Sustainable Procurement Platform

What it’s about: News, case studies, events, and guidance on products and services for organizations and individuals that have both public and private benefits. Run by ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) Europe.

What it’s like: Easy-to-navigate resources to help all sorts of producers of all kinds make conscious decisions

What to read first:The Inclusive Sourcing Methodology – A Guide for Companies to Design and Implement Inclusive Sourcing Policies and Programs

  1. ESG Today

What it’s about: news, research, information, and analyses about the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sector from investors and regulators

What it’s like: comprehensive coverage for both casual and more invested readers (no pun intended). Heavily focused on ESG tools and services, industry developments, corporations involved in energy transitions, private equity, and sustainable finance.

What to read first: “Guest Post – A New Approach: Digitizing Climate Action 

  1. Recharge

What it’s about: news, analyses, opinions, and in-depth content on the renewable energy sector

What it’s like: international coverage of international issues and developments for a truly international audience

What to read first: “‘Wrong side of history’ | Wake up to the hype around green hydrogen for heating


Written by Syeda Mahnoor Raza (’24)

Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova on Unsplash


One Reply to “Six top sustainability news sources”

  1. Hi Syeda Mahnoor Raza! I enjoyed reading this article, especially the comprehensive coverage of the ESG sector from investors and regulators. It’s excellent that ICLEI Europe provides a platform to help producers make conscious decisions regarding sustainability.

    What really grabbed my attention was the innovative approach towards digitizing climate action mentioned in Recharge’s post “A New Approach: Digitizing Climate Action.”

    Raza did a fantastic job of highlighting various platforms and pieces of content related to sustainable living, including “Six climate tipping points,” which could occur if we fail to reach our 1.5 degree Celsius goal.

    We must stay informed on such matters and take appropriate actions, individually or collectively, to reduce the direct and indirect impacts of global warming.

    I also appreciate that Recharge shared the news, analyses, opinions, and in-depth content on the renewable energy sector from an international perspective.

    It’s essential to understand how these issues are being addressed worldwide so we can build effective solutions for our regions.

    For example “Wrong side of history” article sheds light on the hype surrounding green hydrogen for heating but also highlights alternative solutions.

    Overall, this was a great read about ESG tools & services, industry developments related to the energy transition, private equity, and sustainable finance, which I believe will help people stay up-to-date with the current trends and make conscious decisions when it comes to sustainability.

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