GameDay Football Challenge 2022

On October 1, we were so excited to bring back the GameDay Football Challenge for the first time since 2019 before the pandemic hit! This year we finished with a 86.80% in waste diversion! After winning this category nationally in 2018 and ranking second in 2019, we are proud to continue doing exceptionally well in this category.

A tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who took part in this event. We were well staffed with “zero waste ranger” volunteers between students, staff from the Support Operations team, and out partner Waste Management. Dining Services planned ahead to provide compostable material in Concessions. BIG thanks to River Campus Environmental Services, and to the crew in Grounds who were instrumental in collecting the waste. The baseball team was fantastic in cleaning up the stands and sorting the waste accordingly. And of course, thanks to Athletics & Recreation for continuing to make this event a priority and accommodating all of our needs. This could not happen without all of you!!

Check out our fabulous lineup of zero waste rangers on the UR Sustainable Facebook page.

As competing colleges have the season to register and report the data their events, the results of the national competition will be announced on January 18, 2023. But here is a look at how we did.

GameDay Stats:

Total Landfill Waste: 34.6 pounds

Total Recycled: 155.51 pounds

Total Organics: 72 pounds

Total Diverted: 227.51 pounds

Per Capita Recycling: 0.11 lbs/person

Per Capita Organics Reduction: 0.05 lbs/person

Diversion Rate: 86.80%


Pictured Above: Lori Corprew from the Facilities Customer Service Center helps us Go Green at the GameDay Football Challenge