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The Importance of Education

The fundamental goal of education is to help people navigate life and contribute to society. Many people in the world lack access to education, or have very limited access, meaning they are less prepared to tackle life and contribute greatly to society. Additionally, there are many things that are lacking in worldwide education systems, leading to less preparation regarding some important topics. This is a serious issue that must be fixed and there are many reasons to fix it.

Education broadens our knowledge and teaches us many essential skills, the most essential being reading and writing which give us access to a broad range of educational material. These skills allow us to be more self-reliant in many ways. Firstly, we are more capable of doing things on our own. This reduces our need to rely on others and allows us larger access to the workforce. Secondly, we are better critical thinkers. Critical thinking with good knowledge allows us to be less vulnerable to manipulation, as we are able to interpret things more on our own without others telling us the meaning that may misalign with one’s fundamental values. These are very important pieces to creating a solid, continuously improving, and welcoming society.

However, to be able to think critically and independently in different situations and not allow our values to be manipulated, we must have knowledge about the topics that are being manipulated. This is where some worldwide education systems are lacking. Knowledge about humans, the environment, and the globality or world is not taught enough in many places. This means that many people lack the appropriate knowledge to stand by equality and a sustainable earth. These are merely examples but are two of the most important ones. As formal education fails to provide enough knowledge about these topics, we end up with a world full of people that create false prejudices.

In conclusion, education allows us to be self-reliant individuals who can think critically and stand up to manipulation. With the proper facts, we can create a sustainable and welcoming society worldwide, but said facts are not currently being distributed in all our education systems, and many places are lacking education opportunities. This is a serious issue that must be fixed, but once it is, we may have a great world to live in.

Written by Zein Tynon, Class of 2024.


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