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As the semester approaches an end, so does my time here at the University of Rochester. I will be graduating with the Class of 2022 and bidding farewell to Rochester. During my four years here, perhaps my most favorite time of the year were the spring and summer seasons; a sentiment shared by many fellow students for not so surprising reasons. After a cold and long winter, the first day of spring is always a welcome sight to see, with students outdoors with picnic blankets and hammocks on the Eastman Quad. As the spring progresses into summer and students are finally free from the stress of exams and the academic semester, there is much more time to enjoy the things there are to do in Rochester.

Being outdoors is a great way to explore the world we live in and learn more about the environment. Hiking, camping, fishing, biking and swimming are all examples of fun outdoor activities you can do. It is important to be respectful of the environment at all times and avoid unsustainable practices such as littering and polluting the environment. Here are some activities you can do in Rochester that I have personally enjoyed during my time here:

  • Kayaking

Head over to the Genesee Waterways Center and enjoy a lovely day of canoeing and kayaking through Rochester on the Genesee River. Don’t worry if you haven’t ever done it before; the staff will work through a safety briefing with you and teach you the basics of paddling on the Genesee before sending you off to the water. It is also a budget friendly activity starting at $25 for upto 3 hours.

  • Lilac Festival

The Lilac Festival is a yearly tradition in Rochester. It is the largest free festival of its kind in North America. You can walk over or bike to Highland Park and enjoy the sight of the blooming flowers. There are also a ton of exhibits, vendors and food for you to enjoy.

  • Letchworth State Park

Letchworth State Park is about a 40 minute drive from campus and is renowned as the “Grand Canyon of the East.” The park has three huge waterfalls through which the Genesee River flows. It is a beautiful place to visit, surrounded by lush forests. You can walk around, take pictures, and go hiking; some areas are as high as 600 feet.

  • Ontario Beach Park

Take an 18 min drive or an hour bus ride to the beach! It is located on the shore of Lake Ontario and there is much to do. The park features the century-old Dentzel Menagerie Carousel which you can ride. You can also take a stroll along the pier, go boating, or have a picnic. The park has covered gazebo areas and barbecue grills for a perfect summer day out.

Take advantage of the warm months and make the most of your time here at Rochester by exploring the great outdoors here! With that, I sign off from my last post for Facilities Team Green and wish the new team good luck. I’m so glad I got the chance to meet the amazing team members and know that they will go on to accomplish great and exciting things!

Written by Hanyia Ahmed, Class of 2022

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