Got Glasses? Donate them Through the March Collection and Departmental Competition!

In conjunction with the annual Campus Race to Zero Waste (formerly RecycleMania) competition, University Facilities and Services will be collecting eyeglasses through the month of March to be recycled.

This month, you can mail your unwanted glasses to:

University Mail Services
Box 270001
Rochester, NY 14627-0001

Place glasses in any box or envelope and send them through the intramural mail program.

Prescription and nonprescription glasses, sunglasses, and frames are acceptable. We are partnering with the Lions Eye Bank at Rochester and ultimately the glasses are sent to the Lions Club where program volunteers clean, sort, and package the glasses. Usable glasses are then sent to those in need, mostly in developing countries.

Departmental Competition

In the competitive spirit of Campus Race to Zero Waste, we hold an annual departmental competition along with this collection. There will be an award granted to the department who collects the greatest number of pairs and another granted to the department who creates the most “eye-catching” collection box. If you choose to decorate your box, a panel of judges from the Lions Eye Bank at Rochester will vote on which they consider to be the most attractive, or “eye-catching”. If you wish to participate, please contact Amy Kadrie by March 11. Include your department name, location, and a primary contact person.

Competitors, be sure to promote the program within your department and place your collection box in a central location that is safe and easy to find. All boxes will be picked up from your department in early April (date TBD) to be considered.

The two winning departments will receive an award from the Lions Eye Bank at Rochester. More importantly, you will have bragging rights! We appreciate your efforts during these trying times and your desire to help those in need. Your participation makes a difference!

You can download and print our flyer here.

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