Student’s Corner

Sustainable During the Holidays

Happy holidays everyone! Everyone should be enjoying a wonderful break now, but I hope that does not mean that you are taking a break from thinking sustainably. There is no doubt that waste is likely to pick up during this time of year, but here are some things you can do to minimize that!

Consider wrapping presents with something you already have, like newspaper, decorated paper, a scarf, etc. Be creative and use something that is not going to cause more waste, especially considering most wrapping papers are not recyclable.

Buy organic and/or local food! When setting up the menu, try purchasing as much as possible from local sources and from places that use sustainable practices.

Keep the leftovers! You may make plenty of food during this time, so try to preserve it in the best way possible so you don’t have to throw any of it in the trash. Some things could go in the freezer and be used for lunch later!

Recycle your Christmas tree if you have one! Try either chipping into mulch, cutting it up for firewood, composting it, or anything similar! Don’t let it just go to the landfill!

Recycle or donate old items if you received replacements during the holidays!

And lastly, on this list, donate money to a charity. Either give to a sustainable charity or anyone else that you think deserves it!

Written by Zein Tynon, Class of 2024.


Photo Credits:

Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash.