Spring Cleaning with a Green Thumb

It’s time to spring clean! Did you know 76% of Americans give their homes a deep clean to start the new season? This tradition originated centuries ago in different cultures and is now recognized by many.

As you begin your annual spring cleaning routine, consider making some changes that will positively impact the environment. Some simple modifications will help keep your home organized and fresh while also creating a sustainable future for our planet. From choosing the right storage containers to watching your water usage, here are some helpful tips you can adopt to clean with a green thumb.

  1. Purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products

Cleaning products are often released to the environment through evaporation and rinsing down the drain of leftover products from cleaned surfaces, sponges, etc. This can lead to pollution concerns and other environmental issues. One way you can make a difference is to make informed purchases. In a way, your purchase is your voice. You are telling companies that you support their products.

2. Make your own cleaning supplies

Alternatively, you can try these do-it-yourself projects at home. Many do-it-yourself recipes require minimal (if any) chemicals and are surprisingly effective. For some easy cleaning hacks, read this article. For rags, try cutting up old t-shirts, pillowcases, and towels.

3. Watch your water use

Water is essential to cleaning, but we can sometimes waste this resource by accidentally leaving the faucet on longer than necessary. While it is sometimes necessary to have a clean bucket of water, consider using a semi-dirty bucket to water your outdoor plants.

4. Declutter correctly

It is easy to toss away all the clutter in your home, but do try to sort items into “donate,” “recycle,” and “garbage” piles. Some donation items include clothing, stuffed animals, and kitchenware. Someone might find your trash as their treasure! Be sure to check with your local county for specific recycling policies.

5. Opt for boxes

Bags are convenient for cleaning because they are flexible and can hold many items. However, cardboard boxes are easier to stack and are more environmentally friendly since they are recyclable. Just be sure to label the boxes to make it easier to find something later on.

6. Use houseplants for decoration and clean air

Plants are a great way to liven up and bring a pop of color to any room. Different plants can also purify the air and provide other health benefits. For some recommendations, read this article.


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

Photo Credits: https://www.bennettshomeshine.co.uk/important-items-when-spring-cleaning/


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