Roll into Spring with Bike Education Classes

Spring is here! Get ready to roll! It’s time to relish the warmer days and spring forward by bike! A series of free, virtual biking classes offered throughout the riding season by the Department of Transportation and Parking Management can help get you on your way. A Safe Cycling class will be held on Tuesday, April 13, and a Learn to Ride class will be held on Thursday, April 15. See the full schedule of classes for more upcoming dates. All classes are held from noon to 1 pm, including time for questions at the end. Registration is required. Here is a list of the currently scheduled classes:

Safe Cycling – 4/13, 4/22, 5/3
12 pm – 1 pm

Biking can be a great way to advance your health and wellness, but it’s also a practical and fun way to get around. This class will develop the confidence and competence of both the beginner bicyclist and avid rider. Learn about choosing a bicycle, essential equipment, and how to ride safely and comfortably in various traffic scenarios. You will also learn that bicycling doesn’t require lots of technical gear, intense physical training, or a “hardcore” mentality. Safe cycling is something anyone can do!

April 13 – Registration link

April 22 – Registration link

May 3 – Registration link

How to Fix a Flat and Other Bike Maintenance Basics – 4/20, 4/29, 5/12
12 pm – 1 pm

If you’ve ever wondered how to fix your own flat tire, we’ll go through it step by step. You’ll also have hands-on time to learn how to check your brakes, gears, and chains to be sure you’re safe to ride!

April 20 – Registration link

April 29 – Registration link

May 12 – Registration link

Learn to Ride – 4/15, 4/27, 5/25
12 pm – 1 pm

Biking is a very popular activity right now! Join this class if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to ride as an adult, or if you have a child you would like to teach to ride. We will cover the steps to practice and get you on two wheels in no time.

April 15 – Registration link

April 27 – Registration link

May 25 – Registration link

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