Tips for an Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating our love for each other with cards, flowers, and chocolate. This year, be sure to remember your love for the earth too. Every February 14th, millions of people buy cards, roses, and jewelry. This year, Americans are expected to spend 25 billion dollars for the romantic holiday. Along with consumer spending comes along a lot of waste. A holiday dedicated to love can still be celebrated without destroying your budget and the environment.

Get creative with cards

Sending a handwritten card is a meaningful way to express your love which may be why more than 180 million paper cards are still exchanged on Valentine’s Day. Instead of purchasing a card, try upcycling an old magazine or scrap paper.

Rethink your chocolate

Opt for minimal packaging instead of heart-shaped boxes or plastic molds. Instead of picking up a box of chocolates from the nearest store, plan to purchase organic or local chocolate.

Flowers or plants?

Instead of gifting a bouquet that may only last for a week or two, consider a house plant instead. Not only will your loved ones be reminded of you every time they tend to the plant, but they will also be helping the environment.

Activity ideas

-Cook a homemade meal using local ingredients

-Make DIY bath products to reduce packaging

-Make a bird-feeder or birdhouse to put up in the spring

-Watch an informative documentary


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022