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It’s Valentine’s Day weekend! Despite the many changes to our way of life, celebrating love remains an unaltered tradition that can still be done safely. As for most holidays, Valentine’s Day has its toll on the environment, with an excessive surge in spending and waste. Here is a quick guide to keep your Valentine’s Day eco-friendly this year.

  1. Plan a staycation: What’s more popular than a staycation in 2021? Having limited travel options doesn’t mean that you can’t plan a fabulous weekend. Be creative and host your ultimate Valentine’s staycation (without the gas emissions)!
  2. Cook a meal: There are tons of fancy meals out there that anyone can prepare. YouTube will certainly help you put together a chef-d’œuvre that your sweetheart will surely appreciate.
  3. Give ethically-sourced chocolate: Part of the chocolate industry has some ugly practices, from deforestation to child labor. Thankfully, some companies are making a difference by ethically sourcing their products. Be sure to support them!
  4. Give a plant: Bouquets are the default Valentine’s gift. Why not stand out by complementing or substituting it with a potted plant? A succulent or an air plant will last longer and bring many health benefits to your sweetheart.
  5. Experience over expenses: Rather than going out to buy a giant Teddy bear, why not share a meaningful moment (movie, dinner, …) that actually strengthens your relationship? This will make you fall for each other and not the trap of consumerism.


Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2021

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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