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National Holidays to Add to Your Calendar

Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday and as Martin Luther King Jr. Day is just around the corner, I wanted to take this opportunity to list national holidays that I believe are relevant to the environment and sustainability. There is always a reason to celebrate every day, but these holidays are extra special. Comment below to share which holidays you will be celebrating and how you plan on doing so. 


15th: National Penguin Day

21st: National Squirrel Appreciation Day


2nd: Groundhog Day/National Groundhog Day

27th: International Polar Bear Day


3rd: World Wildlife Day

19th: National Panda Day

20th: World Sparrow Day

21st: World Forestry Day

22nd: World Water Day


22nd: Earth Day

30th: National Arbor Day


8th: World Migratory Bird Day

21st: National Endangered Species Day


5th: World Environment Day

8th: World Oceans Day

15th: Global Wind Day

20th: National American Eagle Day


11th: World Population Day

29th: International Tiger Day


21st: International Homeless Animals Day

22nd: National Honey Bee Day


4th: National Wildlife Day

7th: International Day of Clean Air

16th: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

19th: National Clean Up Day

21st: Zero Emissions Day

22nd: National Elephant Appreciation Day

25th: National Public Lands Day

27th: National Crush Day


1st: World Vegetarian Day

4th: World Animal Day

13th: National Fossil Day

20th: International Sloth Day

21st: National Reptile Day

22nd: World Planting Day


1st: World Vegan Day

6th: National Bison Day

15th: National Recycling Day

17th: National Hiking Day

19th: National Camping Day


5th: World Soil Day

9th: National Llama Day

10th: International Animal Rights Day

11th: International Mountain Day

14th: Monkey Day

19th: Look for an Evergreen Day


Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

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