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Growing Veggies and Fruits Indoors

Do you have an itch to garden but don’t want to venture out in the cold? Not to worry! Over the summer, like many others, I spent my days learning a few culinary skills (or at least tried to) and picked up on a few tips on indoor gardening along the way. I learned that many vegetables, fruits, and herbs don’t need to start from a seed and soil in an outdoor garden. In fact, what might usually be food scraps can actually grow into a plant. 

There are many benefits to gardening indoors like the purified air that comes along with the attractive decor. Plus, tending to an indoor garden can be calming and therapeutic, making them great company when you’re feeling a bit down. 

While there are many plants that can be started indoors, here are some that I actually grew and would highly recommend others to try. 

  1. Mint: These were the easiest to grow. I placed the stems in a cup of water and waited till they had roots before transferring them to a planter.
  2. Onion: I placed a whole white onion in a jar with the root facing the bottom. Next, I filled the jar with enough water so that the bottom of the onion was always touching the waterline.
  3. Avocado: I saved the pit and pushed a few toothpicks in it. Then, I placed the pit in a jar and filled it with water.
  4. Mango: I cleaned the seed and wrapped it in a moist paper towel. When a sprout began, I transferred it into a planter.
  5. Bell Peppers: I simply spread the seeds in a planter and waited for the sprouts to grow. (Yes! It’s that easy!) 

Extra tips: Be sure to change the water in the jars often and keep the paper towels moist. Repurpose food containers like single-use plastic water bottles and jam jars to reduce waste.

The biggest takeaway for me was learning to patient and persistent. I might not have the greenest thumb, but indoor gardening is fun and (almost) fail-proof.  

Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

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