Virtual Landfill Tour

Friday, November 13, 3–4 p.m. (EST), on Zoom

While we normally take a group of staff and students on a guided bus tour of Waste Management’s High Acres Landfill, this year the tour will happen online via Zoom. Learn about how the landfill was engineered to protect the air, water, soil, and environmental integrity of the surrounding area on video and view live footage.

Plus, here are some fun facts about High Acres:

  • This local facility features a methane gas renewable energy plant that produces enough energy to power 9,000 homes.
  • The landfill’s unique workforce of falcons (That’s right—predatory birds! 🦅) help to control the seagull population naturally.
  • The property also holds a composting operation to which the University sends food waste and other organic materials.

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Photo Above: WM/High Acres Landfill, Aerial view of High Acres Landfill.

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