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Snoop Dogg’s Holiday Collaboration with SodaStream Promotes Environmentalism

Back in February, SodaStream passed out free reusable water bottles to University undergraduate students who were encouraged to use stickers to add a bit of personalization. Just a few days ago, SodaStream launched its first holiday campaign in collaboration with rapper and songwriter Snoop Dogg. The video was filmed in Snoop Dogg’s home in L.A. and features a post production animated sea turtle.

The campaign encourages people to prioritize the small but important things in life even more so this holiday season. The campaign is focused on “enjoying the small meaningful things” like baking gingerbread cookies and eating dinner with family. 

A longtime sustainability advocate, Snoop Dogg explains how SodaStream can reduce the need for single-use plastic beverage bottles. He states, “I don’t need to start a nature relief fund to help save the planet from plastic waste,” Snoop explains, engaging a SodaStream carbonation machine. “I simply enjoy fresh sparkling water with a nearly extinct friend. Think small, baby!” 

Written by Emily Su, Class of 2022

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