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Inspiring Sustainability-Focused Films to Watch

The Fall semester is slowly coming to its end: exams are on the horizon, homework piling up, and stress rising. With everything going at a fast pace, it’s important to practice self-care and intentionally slow down to recharge. An easy activity to pull out is watching a film to immerse yourself in a new reality and discover novel perspectives. Here are a few movies guaranteed to leave you with positive emotions.

Wall-E: You’ve probably seen it already, but why not re-watch it to bring back childhood memories. The movie is both entertaining and educational. On one hand, it narrates a deep friendship between two robots. On the other, the movie depicts the possible toxic future of our planet if humans keep acting selfishly, thus urging us to rethink our actions.

Earth (2007): Earth is a nature documentary that portrays the diversity of wild creatures across the globe. The film features humpback whales, polar bears, and African bush elephants and takes the audience on a journey to discover the beauty and grandiosity of the animal kingdom. It is so inspiring to discover eye-opening facts about nature!

Minimalism: Directed by Matt D’Avella, the film explores the anti-consumerist lifestyle of Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. It popularizes the minimalism movement, in which individuals choose to live with fewer possessions while valuing experiences and important things. 


Written by Kelly Jean, Class of 2021

Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

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